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Free Heart Health Seminar

Dr. Kevin will be giving tips for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol at Down to Earth Natural Foods, 104 Gambier St, Mt Vernon

Thursday, September 27 at 6:30 pm

Saturday as well as Tuesday & Thursday evening appointments are now available.  Call 740.616.9949 or email Hal at for more information.

Trudy Pieper, ND is board certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board. She is also a member of The Institute for Functional Medicine.  She is a general practitioner; a certified dementia specialist; and has years of experience helping to balance hormones through testing and bio-identical hormones for both men and women. 

"Dr. Pieper is the rare individual who can impart medical knowledge while conveying compassion for the soul.  As a faith-based professional, she understands the necessity of treating the whole person.  Multi-talented as doctor and communicator, she is the epitome of a renaissance woman for our times."  

Kevin Bowers, President, American Christian Television Services Inc.


Congrats to Dr. Trudy for receiving the 2014 Higher Achievement Award from the American Naturopathic Medical Association.  She was selected from over 4,000 members based on her commitment to accreditation and professionalism.

Other Health Segments from Faith & Friends

We are pleased to have Dr. Kevin St. John join our wellness group.  Dr. Kevin has a long history in the health industry.  He is a graduate of Wright State University and Trinity School of Natural Health.  Dr. Kevin is a general practitioner who interned with Dr. Trudy Pieper and has received additional training in men's health issues, senior health and adrenal dysfunction.

Dr. Kevin lives in Gahanna with wife of 15 years, Jennifer, and two children.  He values faith, family and helping others.  His hobbies include running and creating new vegan Paleo recipes.  Dr. Keven is accepting new patients and will be offering appointments on Saturdays and Tuesday evenings as he transitions to Phoenix. 

Get your copy of Dr. Trudy's book at or to get a signed copy, stop by the office

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ANMA Awards

 Congrats Dr. Trudy!

Dr. Trudy will be a speaker at the DESBIO Classroom Series for practitioners at the one-day event - Medical Detective:Catching the Hidden Culprit Behind Your Patient's Illness, November 10 in Dallas TX.

Kevin St. John, ND

Dr. Trudy Presents Tips on TV

Dr Trudy was featured on American Christian Television WTLW in a two-part series on Breast Cancer Prevention in June 2017

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