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When I discovered I had 2 inherited genes for Alzheimer's Disease from my 23 and Me saliva test, I knew it was time to act.  Trudy Pieper, ND

I immediately contacted the Institute of Functional Medicine about their Reversing Cognitive Decline Program created by Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD and was accepted into the program. 

The key to success in the program is that it is individualized for each person; one size does not fit all  The plan is developed based on blood, urine and saliva test results.  Then the program keeps tweaking the plan based on lab values and responses, which brings continued cognitive improvement.  We seek optimal lab test results, not normal range values.  Like a roof with 36 holes (average number of items needing correction which lead to cognitive decline), each hole must be fixed before the roof stops leaking.

The ReCODE Program is an individualized regimen of diet, exercise, brain stimulation, sleep improvement,vitamins and herbs for at least 6 months.  The program centers on figuring out exactly why a person is experiencing cognitive decline and correcting those deficiencies.

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